Yksinäisyys / Loneliness

I thought that this is a subject that I should be writing about and because I have international friends, I’ll be writing this in two languages, which are Finnish and English.

I have today posted a poll in which I asked about how many knows that I’m lonely and if they even care to many different social media services that I use, and most of the people that had seen it didin’t even answer to it nor messaged me regarding it and thank you for those who did answer and/or message me regarding it.
To me this is a really bad thing to see, as many different people do post things relating to this subject to different social media services, and yet almost nobody answers. Harsh fact is that there are a lot of people who suffer from lonilyness and/or depression for different reasons, but many of those does not admit about it even if asked.

I have myself kept the loneliness to myself for a very long time even though it has lasted more than 4+ years already. This has probably not been the best idea to do, but I cannot do so anymore. I’m tired of it.  I have a really hard time trying to get to know new people due to the fact how I have been treated when I have tried to. I have been called names for just trying to get to know new people due to my apperence which really do hurt even when people think that it dosen’t so that’s why it usually dosen’t work out. I miss live-friends the most as that way I wouldn’t be alone all the time if people had time for me or wouldn’t toss me to the “maybe someday” category. Usually when people realize it, it’s too late to act on as I have most likely given up already on them by then. I’m not saying that I have, but it can change. I do have online-friends, but they don’t replace the real life ones that I could hang around with and I don’t deny that those online-friends whouldn’t be my friends as they certainly are.

My frinds from Turku have dissapeared from my life for the most part, and so I only have maybe 4 friends left there, but even then they don’t appear to have enough time for me most of the time as they are either busy or just not there.
I have more friends in the capital area than in Turku, but still not a lot. I don’t even know if I would need many friends, but rather just enough so I wouldn’t be alone most of the time.

I hope that this helps people to understand what I’m going though as I don’t really feel like sharing this one by one.

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