Henkinen kiusaaminen / Mental bullying

Let’s start with a new subject, this is not fun thing to talk about, but someone needs to raise awareness of it and I’m not entirely sure if I know how to explain this, or anything but I will try.

Do you know the feeling when you’re left out of a group? I know that I do, and it sucks big time as even if you do want to be in a group, it’s most of the time not possible as the other people does not want you in it. This is one of the worse types of bullying.

I went a youth center/community center where some of the youth gathers at from 2012 till 2015, at one point I was in a one group of people at least kinda, but sometime after they didin’t go there anymore so I were left out. They haden’t said anything to me about it either so I were alone again. I tried to contact them and ask about it, but they were not interested in me nor my company anymore. I don’t really know what the problem was.
I know pretty lot of people who had gone there, but my company does not interest most of the people there, not to even talk to me when I happen to see them somewhere in public. Specific people do talk to me from the same group though, but not even half of them in the same group even if they know me by my name at least. I won’t be naming anyone, but you do know who I’m talking about as you came across during Aurafest 2018 and I were a little happier when I saw familler faces, but it didin’t last long as I noticed that they wont even ask me how am I or if I would like to hang out with them even when you could have just simply asked. I had thought that it’s not so hard to ask for, but apperently it is. 🙁

This is one of those things that you do remember that happened like yesterday and probably I will remember this for really long time as it’s not something you easilly forget about.



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